Coronavirus.  Lockdown.  Vanishing JOBS.  Uncertainty.

Eliminate Financial Stress
Eliminate the stress and uncertainty the Coronavirus brings with a proven financial education program by the leader in Financial Education, 101 Financial.
You & Your Family Will Be Alright.
Especially during these uncertain times, with rising unemployment
and shrinking savings, you and your family WILL be alright.

Don't Worry. You Can Get Back On Track. Because You Found 101 Financial.
101 Financial Saves Families From Money Problems Associated With The Coronavirus.
The "99 LITE"
Financial Education Program
Our"99 Lite" is a specialized financial education program designed to bring financial relief to families and individuals who are overwhelmed with trying to manage their personal finances on their own, unsuccessfully. 

The "99 Lite" Program is a financial education plan, that helps you effectively organize your finances, so you can put proven strategies in place, that help you use a simple plan, to take control of your finances, and start up the road to living with financial peace of mind in your life.

Your specialized plan includes a 90-day personal road map to increase your cash flow, create and use a savings plan effectively. All while building your credit and setting financial goals you can stick to.
A Proven System
Effectively organize your finances and build a personalized 90-day financial road map.
A Wealth of Knowledge
Improve and build credit, as well as set financial goals for the future
A Savings Roadmap
Increase your cash flow while
creating and sticking
to an effective savings plan
The experts at 101 financial have used the same financial strategies for more than 17 years to help and guide families and individuals like you.
Our instructional videos, and additional step-by-step instructions, will help give you control of your money.
38,000 Successful Students & Growing
Our greatest success is the success of our students.
“In the first month I paid off $15,000 in debt, including paying my car off. Over the past year, I have paid a total of $39,000 off of my mortgage." - Clyde Hill
"The night we enrolled in 101, we payed off our car loan of $14k. We also saved over $5k after just 2 months of following the 101 system." - Nya Barklage & Charles Melchor
"I was able to pay off all of my student loans and consumer debt plus take multiple trips. I have gained financial peace
of mind by getting out of debt quickly.”  - Li’i Au
An Award-Winning Company
Classes Taught
$1.5 Billion
Interest Saved
For A Limited Time Only
You can tap into the “99 LITE” Financial Education Program, to gain the essential financial knowledge you must have to take control of your personal finances,  and live with financial peace of mind.

Not for $995, not for $495, not  for $295

You can get back on track financially, for only $49.

Plus, Your  New Financial Education Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee!
About 101 Financial
“Getting out of debt can feel overwhelming.  At 101 Financial, we teach what many people don’t know about managing money, so they can make informed financial decisions and live full, happy lives.”  

101 Financial is a financial educational company specializing in helping people get financially organized, get out of debt, and get into their first home or investment opportunity. 

Since 2002, Founder and CEO Alan Akina worked to develop financial literacy programs that would help the masses. His life’s mission is to help One Million families become financially literate, so they can fix their financial troubles, and go on to live lives of financial peace of mind. 

We are on a mission to help individuals, families, and businesses eliminate financial stress. We hope you will join us.
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